At LivingTrustify, we are surrounded by teachers. People who have cared for us, raised us, and inspired us to become who we are today. My mother-in-law and my dad are both teachers and I’m so grateful for their selfless examples of caring for their students and mentees.

Because of the hard work and sacrifice teachers give to all, we want to say thank you to teachers and make it a little easier for them to take care of themselves. Using the code TEACHERS20, teachers can get a 20% discount on any estate plan from LivingTrustify. Get Started   


If you are not a teacher and would still like to take advantage of the offer, feel free. In return, we ask that you take the money you save on your estate plan and donate it to a teacher this school year so that their burden may be a little lighter. Take Advantage   

TEACHERS20   Expires 9/1/2020.

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