Once you get your trust-based estate plan complete, a major step is making sure those you left behind are able to find it. The best way to facilitate that: tell your successor trustee where you put it! A safe deposit box may seem like the best place, but people may not have access to it or even know you have one. We personally put ours in our closet and be sure to communicate it to those who would need it if something were to happen. Where do you keep yours?

This and other steps needed to complete your estate plan are included in a state-specific checklist once your LivingTrustify order is complete. All of these steps seem complicated, but here at LivingTrustify we know you are capable of each one. That’s why we are able to offer such a premium product for an affordable cost. 

Have other questions about storing and completing your estate plan? Send us an email at info@livingtrustify.com