There’s a new product from LivingTrustify to help with your family’s future planning. Most adults should have a Power of Attorney and an Advanced Health Care Directive. We commonly see young adults who move out of the house, go to college, serve in the military, work far away from home, go on a service mission, or study abroad seeking a way to allow their family to help them manage their financial assets or assist them in case of a medical emergency.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up for LivingTrustify to create these two documents.

A Power of Attorney helps you name someone to manage your finances or assets. For example, an agent acting under a Power of Attorney may have authority to sign tax returns and sign contracts on your behalf.

An Advanced Health Care Directive helps you name someone you trust to make medical decisions for you. It also comes with a HIPAA authorization where you name people who can have access to your medical records (which is important if they will make medical decisions for you). In the absence of an appointment of a heath care agent and HIPAA authorization, a person will likely have to petition a court to receive legal authority to act on your behalf or access your medical information. Involving the court can add time and expense to the process of assisting you with medical decisions.

Here’s how to sign up for one:

  1. Have any 18+ year old adult create an account at
  2. On the welcome screen, click on the cards that apply to you. It is common for younger adults to not check any of the cards.

3. A will-based plan will be recommended, but you do not have to choose that. It does contain more documents that will benefit you later in life. For now, you can choose the option to the far right, Health Care Directive & Power of Attorney. If you decide you want to upgrade this package, contact us when you are ready to do that. 

4. Answer the survey questions. If you have questions along the way, remember you can click on “Have a Question?” Towards the top right of each survey page. There will be a pop out bar with some common questions and answers.


5. After you’ve reviewed your decisions, checkout. Enter a gift or coupon code if you have one.

6. Follow through the state specific to do list to make your documents valid.

By following those steps, you've checked off a big step in preparing for the future!