A special needs trust allows you to leave assets to a disabled individual without having those assets disqualify them for needs based public benefits they may be receiving such as Medicaid and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). With LivingTrustify, the special needs trust is built within the distribution section of your living trust or will.

Why have one?
If an inheritance is left outright to a disabled individual, they will likely no longer qualify for needs based public benefits. In addition, your special needs beneficiary will be left to manage the inheritance on their own, which may be problematic. With a special needs trust, you choose who you want to be the Trustee to manage the assets for the beneficiary. Prepare your special needs trust in minutes 


Who needs one?
You need a special needs trust if someone you want to leave an inheritance to has special needs and qualifies, or is likely to qualify in the future, for needs based public benefits.

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